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"This is what contemporary parents need...a truly helpful guide for parents...I highly recommend this innovative series to parents and all other caregivers." -- Samuel Shay, M.D. Family Practice.

INTERACTIVE PARENTING has designed more than forty fun activities on video that help develop your child's potential - all without the hassle and expense of fancy toys.

The executive producer, Dr. Esther Lee Yao, a former Bush Administration appointee and education professor at the University of Houston/Clear Lake for 17 years and a prolific writer and researcher (six books and over 50 profe ssional articles published), strongly believes that parents and caregivers should concentrate on their children the most during the first three years of their lives. Dr. Yao points out, "These four 30-minute tapes deal with the most critical developmental period of human beings - under age three. Researchers have proved that early stimulation and interacting with caregivers will increase a child's intelligence and learning capacity. The longer a child is under-stimulated, the higher the chances that the damage to their mental abilities will be irreversible. Unfortunately, this age group has often been neglected by caregivers."

So don't wait -- start from birth!

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